Libby Ellis and Tracey Lain

Libby Ellis is England”s most famous, horniest, and sexiest grannie, and in this scene she teams up with the sexy blonde MILF Tracey Lain to show her a thing or two about lesbian licking and fucking. First Grannie Libby helps take off all over the slim blonde MILF”s clothes, until she”s ass naked on the couch. Then she has her raise her hips up so she can finger, toy and lick at Tracey”s shaved pussy lip. After she gets her worked up, Tracey helps Libby out of her dress, bra and panties, peeling them off of her voluptuous body. After licking and toying with Libby”s ample natural breasts, she kisses her way down to Libby”s waiting pussy, fingering and licking her to get Libby ready for some hardcore dildoing. After Libby is nice and wet, Tracey takes the dildo and starts pumping her tight grannie pussy, before Libby takes control and turns the Dildo on Tracey”s tight pussy. As Tracey is bent of the side of the couch and getting her pussy fucked by Libby from behind, she reaches a loud orgasm and cums all over sweaty thighs.

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